Hardgroup #5

HomeIO – why you should choose it as a remote control system?

PL: (HomeIO – system do zdalnego monitorowania i sterowania) HomeIO tworzę już od 10 lat od momentu zainstalowania małej elektrowni wiatrowej. Chciałbym pokazać dlaczego warto go użyć i co dowiedziałem się podczas jego tworzenia.
Aleksander Kwiatkowski

I started HomeIO about 10 years ago as a dedicated system for small wind turbine. That experience allowed me to create an unique tool to monitor and control various systems. I would like to show you current iteration and explain how and why you could use it.

Windows IoT (Eng)

The short history and bright future of Windows IoT.
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Goran Karacic




Unity User Group Event in Poznań

Building VR games

Josh Naylor, Evangelist, Unity Technologies
It’s the year of VR, learn how to design and build VR games in Unity! Josh will build a VR game using features such as Multi-scene editing, Worldspace Ui and show optimisation tips relevant for VR and mobile development. Adding in some of the Unity services such as Heatmap Analytics and cloud build to help developers along the way.

AssetBundles as a way for quick content updates

Visualizations for CAVE in Unity