Hardgroup #5

HomeIO – why you should choose it as a remote control system?

PL: (HomeIO – system do zdalnego monitorowania i sterowania) HomeIO tworzę już od 10 lat od momentu zainstalowania małej elektrowni wiatrowej. Chciałbym pokazać dlaczego warto go użyć i co dowiedziałem się podczas jego tworzenia.
Aleksander Kwiatkowski

I started HomeIO about 10 years ago as a dedicated system for small wind turbine. That experience allowed me to create an unique tool to monitor and control various systems. I would like to show you current iteration and explain how and why you could use it.

Windows IoT (Eng)

The short history and bright future of Windows IoT.
(Related with http://events.pozoga.eu/57-spotkanie-poznanskiej-grupy-net/ )
Goran Karacic




Unity User Group Event in Poznań

Building VR games

Josh Naylor, Evangelist, Unity Technologies
It’s the year of VR, learn how to design and build VR games in Unity! Josh will build a VR game using features such as Multi-scene editing, Worldspace Ui and show optimisation tips relevant for VR and mobile development. Adding in some of the Unity services such as Heatmap Analytics and cloud build to help developers along the way.

AssetBundles as a way for quick content updates

Visualizations for CAVE in Unity




WinOps #4

Topic: Automated deployment of Infrastructure to Microsoft Azure

Inconsistencies in infrastructure configuration in the release pipeline can lead to unforeseen issues. In this demonstration filled session we will discuss why a consistent infrastructure environment is vital in enabling continuous delivery and reducing unplanned work.

We will focus on three key DevOps practices:

• Infrastructure as Code
• Configuration as Code
• Release Management

Which will be demonstrated using:
• Azure Resource Manager Templates
• PowerShell Desired State Configuration
• Visual Studio Team Services Release Management

From: http://www.meetup.com/WinOps/events/228704653/ 

Google Campus London – Mastering Marketing Workshop (Eng)

A vision and drive to help fellow entrepreneurs with launching or refreshing their branding and marketing strategies.

Our first workshop will be covering all areas of marketing as a prelude to specfic workshops throughout the year.

Areas covered but not inclusive are: Email Marketing, Social Media & Digital Marketing, Brand Awareness, Content Management, and PR.

There will be a Q&A Marketing 101 session where we will give you answers to all your marketing questions.


Hive61 #4


Today I present hive61. Hive61 is Poznan Startup and Business Community.


Łukasz Olek – Currency One SA

„A partner and board member at Currency One SA, a company running two online foreign exchange platforms: internetowykantor.pl and walutomat.pl, the biggest online foreign exchange provider on the Polish market. ”

Daniel Mendalka – People+

Daniel Mendalka is a software engineer specializing in Android and related operating systems. He is one of the few GDG (Google Developer Groups) country leaders and was selected as one of 2000 developers to receive Google Glass for early development.

Prior to People+, he founded several start-ups, notably Sellbox, a tool that lets you sell any file from your Dropbox or Google Drive account to your Facebook Fans and Twitter followers in seconds. Daniel was a Senior Developer for the Global Education Network for Satellite Operations, which, in collaboration with NASA and other space agencies, developed better ways for ground station to share information about spacecraft. He has also been a Senior Developer at Artelis, a telecommunications company. Daniel has a Computer Science degree from University of Technology (Poznań) , where he worked in the famed Mobile Systems Research Laboratories.”

Paweł Chudziński – Founder of Point Nine Capital 

„Before co-founding Point Nine Capital in 2011, Pawel was a co-founder and partner at Team Europe where he led Team Europe’s investment activities. Prior to that, Pawel worked as an Associate for the US investment banking firm Greenhill & Co. in Frankfurt and London. Previously, he graduated from the Leipzig Graduate School of Management (HHL). He is fluent in English, German and Polish and has a basic command of Russian.”


#Point Nine Capital & Internetowy Kantor & People+